There are many reasons individuals come to us with their custom furniture needs. Many of them spend hours in retail furniture stores unable to find something they love entirely and end up settling for less, only to realize later that it wasn’t the wisest investment. Opting for custom upholstered furniture can save you many inconveniences and also give you peace of mind that you’re buying a quality piece. While you may have some preconceptions about custom furniture being out of your budget, rest assured that’s not always the case: you have total control over the construction techniques selected for use in your furniture piece, keeping it within budget. This article will explore four benefits of bespoke furniture:


1) One-of-a-kind

Owning a furniture piece that is unique to you brings you a sense of pride. The style of furniture you have in your home makes a statement about your aesthetics, values, and personality. You have the liberty to choose the species and finish of wood, fabric or leather covers, decorative treatments, and upholstery techniques. This way you are guaranteed to receive a furniture piece that will reflect your individuality.


2) Function

The ability to design a furniture piece that fits seamlessly into your space is ultimately satisfying. This is especially the case if your residence or space has an unusual layout—no more hassle with returning ill-fitting pieces or incurring additional change fees from retail stores.

Just as we all vary in design taste, we also vary in level of desired firmness and support. When designing your custom piece, cushioning and spring up suspension can be modified to be either more soft or firm. This is especially convenient for those who suffer with back problems and older populations who require more supportive seats.


3) Quality

Our customers come to us continually because of the dedication and years of experience our makers have in building quality, custom upholstered furniture. Everything we build is painstakingly made by hand, one at a time, with high-grade materials including kiln-dried hardwood frames and individually pocketed Marshall Spring units in our site-made cushions. Your upholstered piece is handcrafted individually for you, unlike many retail options, which are replicated by the thousands.

High-grade materials equal long-term lifespan; we like to call this “heirloom quality”. It will be something you will enjoy for years to come, and one day may decide to pass down to your loved ones. Even the retailers’ premium options aren’t on par with our bespoke furniture.


4) Tradition

High Point, North Carolina, has served as an epicenter for furniture manufacturing since the late 19th century. Nicknames “The Furniture Capital of the World”, one can’t escape the rich heritage established by the furniture market. Yet, due to competition from big “manu-tailers” and imported, inferior products, local furniture production is in danger of becoming a dying art. Since 1974, Barnes Custom Upholstery has been ambitious to keep the local tradition alive.

We are proud to say we are “American Made.” Our products for furniture construction are domestically sourced. When buying with us, you’re also providing local economic stimulation. We’re a small, local business, and you can be guaranteed that your business is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to prove this to you with customer service that will always be of the highest standards.