As a designer or a retailer, the furniture you present to your clients should be a reflection of your creative vision and your high standards for quality. Nobody knows — or can deliver that — better than Barnes. When you collaborate with our designers and master craftspeople, you become part of a team that can execute your vision with supreme precision and beauty.

There’s no quality better than Barnes

At Barnes Custom Upholstery, we’re proud to say we’re “American Made.” Everything that we make is sourced domestically, and almost exclusively in the South. Since 1974 we have proudly carried on North Carolina’s tradition of crafting fine furniture by the hands of people who carry forward what would otherwise be a dying art.

Ranging in age from 22 to 82, Barnes craftspeople are dedicated to furniture making and respected for their trade. At Barnes, we don’t just love what we do. We love that we’re one of the few who do it. In many ways, making furniture by hand is a dying art — but not if we have a say about it. The feel of the plane gliding across the surface of wood. The satisfaction that comes with pounding the last nail. We’re passing a needle and thread through the back of a chair one day and tufting cushions the next. Every day is a new adventure to our ultimate destination: the moment you lay eyes on the finished piece and you know that your furniture is distinctively Barnes and yet perfectly you.